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The Scottish Terrier Club Inc (STC Inc) runs two competitions each year

  •          The Point Score Competition

  •          The Challenge Competition

 The competitions are open to STC Inc members only.

The aim is to get many Scottish Terriers in the ring, particularly at selected shows. 

The Scottish Terrier must be owned or part owned by a STC Inc member.

The winners are presented with a Banner at the Christmas Lunch and Awards Presentation. 


 There are 12 Point Score shows each year - nominated and voted on at a General Meeting. 

This number is made up from 3 STC Inc Shows (traditionally held each year at Easter, in August, and October) and 9 All Breeds Championship Shows. 

The annual Point Score shows are displayed on the STC Inc website and advertised in STC Inc newsletters. The selection of the 9 Championship shows including venues, and dates for all 12 shows will vary in some way each year.


The scores are calculated from each nominated Point Score show marked catalogue signed by two STC Inc members present on the day of the Point Score show.

         Marked catalogues will be kept for a maximum of two years by the Point Score Steward.

         To view a marked catalogue, a request is to be made in writing to the Point Score Steward. 

         Inquiries regarding scoring for a particular show are requested as soon as possible after the show in question.


The winner of each category is determined by the highest number of points awarded as per the “Guidelines for Scoring”.




Best Baby Puppy Under 6 MonthClass 1 and 1a

Best Puppy (6-9 Months) - Age dependent, not class dependent - may be from class 2/ 2a and 3/ 3a

Most Successful Dog - All Dog classes except 1

Most Successful Bitch - All Bitch Classes except 1a

Most Successful Breeder - All classes

Most Successful Sire - All classes

Most Successful Dam - All classes

Born In Australia - All classes except 1 and 1a

Derriwong Shield - Classes 2/ 2a, 3/ 3a and 4/ 4a (awarded from the 3 STC Inc Shows only)

Most Successful Neuter – Neuter classes only.


The scoring for all Awards is the same except for “Most Successful Breeder”.

 Scoring calculations:

 Best of Breed 6 points

Runner-up Best of Breed 5 Points.

 1st place in individual class = 3 points

2nd place in individual class = 2 points

3rd place in individual class = 1 point

1 additional point is awarded to Best of each Class e.g. 3+1 = 4 points


The final score for each exhibit is based on their best 10 point score show results attained throughout the year as determined from the 12 nominated Point Score shows. 

The Point Score Steward will determine the exhibits best 10 point score show results, or if less than 10 shows attended, the exhibits score from each show, as taken from the marked Point Score show catalogue. 




Born In Australia

In addition to the scoring above:

         Open to all Scottish Terriers born in Australia except classes 1 and 1a - i.e. an imported Scottish Terrier cannot compete in this award category.

         Grand Champions are excluded from this award category unless title gained after the commencement of the annual competition.

         The perpetual trophy is to remain in NSW.  However, if won by an interstate member the appropriate engraving to be added to the shield and the trophy to remain with the Trophy Steward.


Derriwong Shield

In addition to the scoring above:

Points earned at the 3 STC Inc shows only, in classes 2/ 2a, 3/ 3a, 4/ 4a, with the same scoring as Point Score.


Most Successful Breeder

The Most Successful Breeder Award identifies the most successful Prefix. 

 Points are awarded to the Breeder regardless of who owns the exhibit.


Scoring for Breeder category:

1st place in individual class = 3 points

2nd place in individual class = 2 points

3rd place in individual class = 1 point


         Points can only be attained in individual classes

     A maximum of 3 points per exhibit per show

     No additional points for Best of each Class, BOB or RUBOB


The Breeder with the most points over the 12 nominated Point Score shows is the winner of the Most Successful Breeder Award.


Most Successful Neuter

Points are earned at the three STC Inc shows and any All Breeds Championship which offer Neuter Classes within the annual Point Score competition time frame.


Scoring for Neuter category:

 1st place in individual Class = 3 points

2nd place in individual Class = 2 points

3rd place in individual Class = 1 point

 Best of all Neuter Classes, plus 1 point

 A maximum of 4 points per exhibit per show




Currently, an ‘excel spreadsheet’ is used to enter and calculate scoring. Point Score Data is collected from an onsite observer who marks the show catalogue, (which is either the Point Score Steward or a current STC Inc Member) at each Point Score Show, and counter checked and signed by another current STC Inc Member who is present on the day.  Any discrepancies or clarification required is checked with the days Ring Steward scoring sheet.

Challenge Competition


         This competition is open to Dogs, Bitches and Neuters.

         Competition begins 1st January each year and is completed at the STC Inc October Show or the final nominated Point Score All Breeds Championship Show (whichever comes last) of the same year.

         Competition Challenge winning points may be gained at any Australian All Breeds Championship Show (in any State or Territory).

         Only points awarded at Breed level are counted. Additional points for Best in Group are not counted.

         A copy of the Challenge Certificate must be forwarded to the Point Score Steward within 14 days of the show either by Post or Email.




Challenge Dog

Challenge Bitch

Challenge Neuter


Scoring calculations:

The Dog, Bitch or Neuter who has gained the most points within the specified competition time frame is the winner of the annual STC Inc Challenge Competition.




Challenge competition points are calculated by the Point Score Steward sighting a copy of the original Challenge Certificate and points entered into an ‘excel spreadsheet’.



Please contact The Secretary of the Scottish Terrier Club Inc with comments on any of the above.


Last edited: 19 November 2011