Foundation Member, Bill Read


18 Boorawine Terrace,



Mrs. K. Allwright,

8 Artillery Crescent,


Dear Secretary,

I notice the Club’s 40th Anniversary mentioned in the March Club Notes, so I am prompted to write to you as a foundation member.

I wonder how many foundation members would still be known, though possibly inactive today. I can still remember having a drink with George Gardner in the Showground Bar in 1936, and Tom Dubber joining us. The formation of the Club was discussed at length and we assured Tom of our support. The Club was factual in 1937.

Both George and myself resigned when the Club decided to affiliate with the Kennel Board, as we then feared we would lose our identity as a specialist Club, this being the reason for its formation. With the 40th Anniversary here we were, of course, mistaken in our fears for survival.

I first registered in 1932 with Miss Edwards in Rawson Place and still retain my registration and prefix of Lochlee. I stopped breeding Scotties in 1945, but have bred 7 or 8 varieties since then to keep an interest. At present I possess an Aust. Terrier dog with the Lochlee tag, and a L.C. Chihuahua bitch that has lost each litter, so now becomes mother’s pet and my last effort too.

I occasionally see the Flood girls at Nowra Shows, and had they sold me a lovely bitch* that I admired several years back I would have been back to the Scotties, which I must admit rank with the top dog in the world still (though not as good as my day, naturally).

My best wishes for the Club’s continued success, and your Show on 10th April in particular. To any old stagers who may remember me, please give my best regards.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Read

Reprinted from the S.T.C’s 40th Anniversary Souvenir Catalogue

* Scotia Spun Gold kept by the breeder

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