Scottie Rescue, Australia
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Operated by volunteers from the STC Inc.

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All Rescued Dogs
are Vet Checked,
desexed and


Happily very few Scotties need a rescue or re homing organisation but like every breed of dog in any country in the world people’s lives change for one reason or another, and that adorable dog you thought you would keep for till end of its days has to find a new home.

 This is where we come in. If the unthinkable happens and you have to surrender your Scottie please get in touch with us and we will make sure that he/she finds another loving home most likely with current or ex Scottie owners. The Scottie can be any age or condition and we will not charge you for the surrender unless you are a long distance from us and you have to send the Scottie by road or air travel. We do not buy Scotties. We will not be involved If you want to sell your Scottie.

You will be asked to sign a surrender form handing the Scottie over to us and complete a surrender questionnaire on the Scottie so we know all about him/her.

surrender form in Word Format
surrender form in PDF Format
surrender questionnaire in Word Format
surrender questionnaire in PDF Format

Please don’t take the Scottie to a Shelter or Pound as it is very difficult for us to rescue them from there and also you do not know who takes your Scottie. We can put you in touch with the new owner’s if you wish after the Scottie is rehomed.
We are a rescue group  for pure bred Scotties but if the Scottie is a cross breed we will certainly try to find it a home but without any guarantees, as the people on our adoption list waiting for Scotties mainly want those that are pure bred.
Please read the surrender questionnaire and  surrender form before you phone as there are questions on the form that you may have to look up before the phone interview with Jan Phillips on 0412411424


surrender questionnaire

 surrender form



If you find a dog and you are uncertain that it is a Scottie or you see one in an animal shelter and you want to alert us about its location., please check the photos of a Scottie on the Scottish Terrier Club of NSW website. Scotties are black,  wheaten (cream) or brindle (mix of Black, Brown and Wheaten) in colour For further information, see Scottish Terrier Club of America Site for an excellent article on identifying a Scottie


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