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Heather and Beth’s Story

These two Scotties came from a loving home where unfortunately the owners could no longer care for them as the time had come to enter a nursing home.
This is a common and very sad reason why many people have to re home their beloved dogs. Unless you have prepared for this situation long before it comes about, dogs like Heather and Beth are left needing a new home. Luckily these two girls found a new home where they are happy and spoilt beyond belief by people that have owned and rescued Scotties in the past.
We were alerted to their plight and a new home was found almost straight away.


Jamie’s Story

Jamie’s owners had to re home him due to a posting overseas that was not a suitable environment for Scottish Terriers. As heartbreaking as this was, we were able to find him a home very quickly. He has a wonderful life with his new owners and settled in very quickly. This unfortunately is another common reason for re homing dogs. Our lives change so much these days and nothing seems forever, and one of the most vulnerable to life’s changes are our pets.
From my experiences with re homing Scotties I have found them to be the most adaptable of breeds to new situations.
They like to be comfortable, loved and allowed to do their own thing!
I have seen cat haters live along side cats in their new home as much to say “See I do like them as long as I’m happy!”
They don’t seem to pine for their previous owners as long as you keep them happy inside with you, give them their favourite foods and virtually continue the life they had before, and then some!!
This is why our questionnaires from the surrenderers and the adopters are so important. We can then match the lifestyle of the Scottie’s previous living arrangements to the new owner’s lifestyle. This avoids having to try out different new homes before the Scottie settles on a permanent situation

Zoe’s Story

This 9 year old Scottie was surrendered to us after her owners found out they could not take her to live with them in a unit they bought on the coast. This is a problem with many apartment living tenancies; dogs are not allowed.
We found her a wonderful home where she can live inside and go for walks with her new Kelpie partner and their owners. Having been a single dog and lived outside all her life she adapted within the hour to her new home. Scotties are very smart, they know when they are on to a good thing and show respect for all the new kindnesses they receive from their new

Skye and Kilty’s Story

These two girls are owned by me and they were taken from a situation where they had been abandoned. They were very neglected and had quite serious health issues. They were old and this is their third home. Their first owner died and they fell into the hands of someone that could not care for them properly. This resulted in them being abandoned, but luckily the person who took them over managed to get in touch with our club and without hesitation I took them on and have spent three happy years living with them and my Westie, Mac. They have cost a small fortune to keep alive, well and happy but I don’t regret it for one moment as they give me so much joy.
This is a big consideration when you take on an older dog, because from 10 years onwards you can expect vet bills and lots of extra care.
However taking on an older dog is the sensible option for people getting on in years themselves. A puppy may well outlive you and you have to be able to put up with the antics of the new baby. An older dog just wants your company and not too far to walk.

To Conclude

As you have read from the above Scotties need rescuing from all sorts of situations just like any other dog. Rescue Scotties are ideal for those of you that don’t want a puppy but they are not the answer to getting a Scottie on the cheap, in fact they will cost you over time probably much more. Remember there is no such thing as a free pet, they all need your care, time and money spent on them.
We are very good at picking out the people that just want a cheap dog!!
On a more positive note we love what we do, reuniting Scotties with a loving new owner. Please tell your friends about us and let everyone know in the dog world that a Scottie Rescue Service is available to all Scotties in Australia and beyond.

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