Scottie Rescue, Australia
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Operated by volunteers from the STC Inc.

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All Rescued Dogs
are Vet Checked,
desexed and


Before you think about getting a puppy, read this essential information on selecting and training the right puppy for you.

Thank you for considering adopting a rescue Scottie from us.
If you are looking for a mature Scottie and would like to give a home to one that can no longer live with their owners please get in touch with us and we will put you on our Adoption List.

 We never know when we will have a Scottie for adoption so it could be this week or next year until we contact you.

 Priority is given to ex or current Scottie owners as we feel they are more able to understand the very distinct behaviour of the Scottish Terrier which is not everybody’s cup of tea!

The adoption questionnaire and adoption agreement  we use will show you how dedicated we are to find our rescue Scotties the very best of home the second time around.

adoption questionnaire in Word Format
adoption questionnaire in PDF Format
adoption form in Word Format
adoption form in PDF Format

Before you are considered to adopt a Scottie you will undergo a house inspection to make sure the Scottie is safe and can not get out on the road, and we can meet you and your family. We also have a adoption questionnaire for you to complete.

We make sure that the Scottie has been a thorough health checked by a veterinarian, to ensure vaccinations are up to date, the Scottie is desexing and any other minor procedure that is needed are done. You will be  made aware if there are any health issues that may arise in the foreseeable future. A written Vet Report can be made available but the adopter will have to pay any extra costs. You are charged  at least $350.00 for the Scottie payable on delivery. Even if the vet bills are less, we still charge the $350 and any surplus funds will go towards the next Rescue.

You also sign and adoption agreement to say you will return the Scottie to us if the adoption does not work out.

If you decide to take a particular Scottie after we have told you all about him/her from the people surrendering the dog, you are still not obliged to keep the Scottie if he/she does not work out in your home environment.

I find it is best to try out the Scottie for a few days at your home making sure you are there to supervise, especially if you own other animals the Scottie will come into contact with while you are out.

I phone you after a couple of days to see how things are going and if you are sure that Scottie will fit in and be one of the loves in your life, I will come round with the adoption papers and the Scottie will be yours. I am your safety net and the Scottie’s!!!

At any time during the Scottie’s life you can return him/her to Scottie Rescue, in fact you will sign on the Adoption Form that the Scottie is to be returned to us if you can no longer care for him/her and not pass the Scottie onto another person without our approval.

I have owned five re homed Scotties and I can tell you they have all been very special. One of them is still living with me and in his teens.

You don’t have them for as long as a Scottie puppy, but what you see is what you get when taking them on. The rewards are many and they love you for life.

Many thanks on behalf of our Scotties

Jan Phillips

 Scottie Rescue Phone 0412 411 424 email

adoption questionnaire

adoption agreement